What’s most important, photos or video?

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PHOTO vS vIDEOWhen it comes to making choices nothing is harder than choosing between a well framed still photo or an expertly produced video. Ever since the advent of video for weddings and special events brides in Harrisonburg Virginia as well as around the world have sometimes had to choose one. Often times budget constraints require that people eliminate some of the things they would like to have in favor of things that they just can’t do without.

However when it comes to choosing between hiring a photographer or videographer it really does not have to be an either or choice. Many photo and video professionals will offer a mid to lower priced package that although basic does provide a superior level of coverage compared to that friend or family member that has a “Nice” camera. From my personal experience I know that 90% of the photographers in Rockingham and Augusta County work just as hard for the clients booking lower priced packages as the ones who pay for higher priced services.

Also to consider is structuring the key moments you want to have pictures or video of closer together as to allow for shorter coverage times. By reserving some of the drinking, dancing and informal socializing until later in the evening you will be able to both enjoy the day and afford a quality videographer and still photographer.

Over the years I have enjoyed working with some great photography companies, Bessie Black Photography, Gitchels and Jordan Baker Photography just to name a few.