We can transfer the following media types: VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, 8mm tape, 8mm film & 16mm film onto DVD disk or media files.


8mm & 16mm Film

8mm_Film_Order18mm & 16mm reel to reel film can be digitized and placed on DVD, External Hard Drives or encoded to video files that may be shared online.

The cost for this service is charged at a rate of 15 cents per foot of film transferred. As an enhancement to this transfer cleaning of the film before digitizing is also available for a fee.

Clients who require many reels of film to be transferred can receive a discount on cleaning services if desired.



 VHS & VHS-C Tapes

other_services_vhs_to_dvdVHS & VHS-C tapes will certainly degrade over time and should always be digitized when they contain important video footage.

The cost for digitizing the video from these tapes is $25 per 2hrs. of video tape.

After these tapes are digitized they may be placed on DVD, External Hard Drives or encoded to video files that can be shared online.

Video delivered on DVD comes with a FREE customized menu and chapter links logically placed throughout the video footage to allow you to easily skip to the portion of video desired.

Extra Copies are available at standard rate of $10 per copy with a volume discount for orders where 20 or more copies are needed.

Editing services are available upon request and need to be priced based on specific circumstances and particular needs of the client. Contact us for a quote.



Audio Tapes

tapetocdNon-Copy Written audio tape transferred can be digitized for convienant listening or other uses.

Audio tapes are transferred at a rate of $20 per tape with a discount to $15 per tape for orders of 5 tapes or more.